Starbound server


Hello all,

Since activity on the minecraft server has slown down to next to nothing, we have decided to start up a starbound server in the meantime.

Pass: salmon

Have fun!

Spread the Word!


After a few weeks of testing, we have decided that we are sticking with the The Fellowship mod pack.

The next thing to do is increase our player base.

More players = more events = more dungeons = more fun!

We are currently advertising in 2 locations, the minecraft forums and the voidswrath forums.

Minecraft Forums

Voids Wrath Forums

I encourage each and every one of you to put in a good word for us in both locations so we can continue to grow.

We are currently working on our donator items, such as titles, items and pets!

See you out there.

The Fellowship


While Spout and Bukkit may be going stale, the mod community seems to be in full swing. We have played around with mod packs for the past few days and have selected the best.

The Voids Wrath: Fellowship Mod Pack
Download Link

This mod pack emulates The Lord of the Rings universe. Complete with troll raids, wargs, goblin camps and a whole recreated map of Middle Earth.

Larcinion has decided to reduce himself to the status of a mere mortal so that he may adventure among his kin (Yes he is still an admin, he just wants to play like a normal)

Elysium and Beyond


Because we actually own the hardware our server runs on we are privy to a few options. We actual pay based on the amount of physical space the server takes up, not by how powerful the server is. This means, so long as the server hardware can handle it, we can host multiple servers on 1 box, and our cost does not increase.

Because of this Larc and I are tossing around the idea of opening up other games on the server. This will help us expand our player base and thus assist will the upkeep of the server.

We would like our communities input on what games they would like to see opened up on Elysium

Click here to see the forum post

Elysium-Craft on Hold


Good day everyone. As you may have been made aware, Spout has announced that they are shutting down.

How does this affect us?

Elysium relied very heavily on Spout so that we could create our own custom items and blocks. This is what set Elysium Craft apart from other Minecraft servers. It made us unique.

There are plenty of other plugins!

While this is true, one must understand that Larcinion and I as well as the whole admin team have put hundreds of hours into the server creating content all revolving around Spout. Essentially over 6 months worth of hard work was made near useless mere hours before we were about to start our advertising campaign.

We can start over!

Yes we can. However this would be the 3rd time something of this magnitude has dashed our hopes and dreams on sharp jagged rocks. It started with the Heroes plugin devs deciding that they would fork into their own server type and leave everyone else out. Then with Tekkit, where we worked for many many months, but in the end there were just too many bugs and it took way too long for Tekkit to update. Spout descended in a chariot of fire to take us to the holy land. It was everything we dreamed about and more, until now. It is not a question of “Can we start over?” more a question “Do we really want to do all of this again?”

Well, what now?

Larc and I have spoken at great length and have come up with a few very good ideas moving forward. First of which is to get some R&R. I am getting married soon and Larc’s house is on the verge of being overtaken by the evil dark forest by which he foolishly lives. Larc would like the rest of the summer to get his affairs in order. The server will remain online, however there will be no updates or staff on hand.